RIVERWALK: A lovely tour along the banks of the Mississippi.
THE ARTS: Almonte has a lively visual and performing arts scene, with galleries, clubs and an excellent concert hall.
MILL STREET: The heart of town, with great shopping and some exceptional restaurants.
RECREATION AND LEISURE: Miles of back roads for cycling, a beautiful river, teams of all kinds.
Things to do and see

For a town of only five thousand people, Almonte offers a surprising diversity of shopping, dining, recreation, music and arts.

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Our history

Almonte has a long and interesting history; it’s also well-known as the boyhood home of James Naismith, the man who invented basketball.

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News and events

Find out the latest in news and events in Almonte and the area via newsfeeds from The Millstone and The Humm, our two local papers.

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