Getting here

We're not too hard to find.

Here’s directions to Almonte from Ottawa, and also from Toronto via Highway 7 (Almonte appears as Mississippi Mills.)

View Almonte directions in a larger map

  • Dawn

    Wow, so I’m coming from Burlington, I have no idea from this map how to get there!

    • Brent Eades

      Hi Dawn, sorry, I missed your comment. This is a Google Map… click on the link that says ‘View larger map’ and then zoom in and out from there.

  • wendy

    can someone tell me where the hockey arena is in almonte? please?

  • Dan

    I’m looking for a good place to stargaze… anyone know of a good destination along the river where there will be lots of visible sky and a nice place to sit? thanks!

  • jcw11

    Does anyone know if there is a bus from Newmarket or Toronto that goes to Almonte?