Hello all,

I’ve worked on the web since the early days, back in 1994.

For the past fifteen years I’ve been “the web guy” at the Bank of Canada. I help look after a bunch of websites there.

But my very first site was this one, my personal tribute to the town of Almonte where I’ve lived for the past twenty-five years, and where my children grew up. I launched the first version of it in 1995, and registered the Almonte.com name in 1997.

Regular visitors will see that I substantially revised and improved the site this year, and I’ll be continuing to add new content and features in the months ahead.

I love this town, every part of it, and I invite you to see it through my eyes as it’s displayed on this site.


Brent Eades

P.S. I occasionally undertake pro bono web-design work for registered charities and non-profits in the Almonte area. Contact me at beades@almonte.com for more information.


  • Toni Mazurski

    You have done a magnificent job on the web sit of Almonte Love it Return to Almonte as often as possible keep thinking I should move back but know I won’t so your web site serves as a link to the town Thank you so much