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There has been a guest book on since 1998. In recent years it hasn’t been used all that much, and so I decided to retire it when I launched the new version of the site.

But since then I’ve heard from a number of folks who miss the guest book, so I’ve put it back.

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  • Christian Malbeuf

    We visited yesterday during the Puppets Up! festival. This was our first visit to Almonte and we were touched by the beauty of the scenery and the amiability of its people. We plan to return soon in the fall.

    • Brent Eades

      Thanks Christian. Almonte is indeed a lovely and friendly place. Look forward to seeing you back here.

  • Bill Coderre

    My gramps M.P. Mickey Coderre used to own a general store on Bridge St. right across from the old town hall. His father Peter (Pierre) was the town “iceman”. I used to visit in the late 1940s and loved to swim in the falls, fish in the Mississippi and steal candies from Grandpa’s bins. My Dad John (Jack) Coderre was born in Almonte in 1917. I am writing a family history so any stories about the old days are solicited.

  • mike

    i remember that white bikini like it was yesterday angie

  • Niklas Faber

    nice site!

  • Jeff Munro

    this message is intended for Prudence Hutton…perhaps the school you were speaking about was called Church Street Public School

  • Susan Hamilton Learmonth

    Hi, I am looking for twins by the name of shayna lee and shayne david. they went to almonte high school and were born around nov 17 1987ish they lost their mom to cancer years ago. if anyone can help me out with info that would be great. I am their aunt and have never meet them and i really would love so help.

  • Brian Scharf

    Looking for any old Photographs of the steeple Raising on the Almonte United Church on June 1956 .My Grandfather was killed dismantling the crane that placed the new steeple on the church any related photos would be appreciated

    • Brian Scharf

      There was a fire at the church in 1955 ,My Grandfather worked for Hurdman Bros Ltd at the time,

  • Pat Domagala

    I hope to visit this Spring to show my grandson (who is attending college in Pembroke) beautiful Almonte. I visited every summer when my grandparents were alive. My dad grew up there and then moved to Toronto in the 30ties. Grandpa worked at Rosamond’s Mills so we would run down to meet him when the noon bell rang. The wonderful sound of the falls was so relaxing. We walked to the Post office from Carleton Street everyday. Grandma McAuliffe would stop to visit her friends at the millinery store. She would actually have her own seat at St Mary’s for Sunday Mass. I am sure the pace of Almonte has changed through the years but I still have great memories of the summers of my childhood. Thank you Patricia McAuliffe Domagala

  • Mike

    So many memories from Almonte, as a kid could fill an encyclopedia. So many fond memories, well its time to go back to reality. Bin with the same person for 38 years now turning 56 this year 2 children and one grad chlld mike julian

  • Brent Eades

    A spam message from a scumbag called ‘juliette’ has been deleted.

  • Christian

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  • Jenny

    Does anyone know Tammy Lloyd, who grew up in Almonte in the 1980s? Her parents are Eugene and Edna Lloyd and she has a brother named Michael. She was my childhood friend in East York, Toronto before she moved to Almonte. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her!

  • Brent Eades

    This was emailed to me by Rita Giles: “This comment is for Jenny – Tammy Lloyd is married to Dan Illingworth and lives here in Almonte.”

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  • maris

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  • Cole Family Tree

    My great grandfather, Holland Haines (Haynes) Cole, married to Sarah Larena (Irene) Brown, was Mayor of Almonte at one time. Do not have a circa but he was born in 1859 so it could have been late 1800′s, early 1900′s. Anyone have family history to pinpoint time frame? Thank you for any assistance. Marsha Margaret Cole

    • Brent Eades


      The town’s newspaper from 1861to 2009, the Almonte Gazette, is available for searching online. Searching is a somewhat cumbersome process, but with patience you can find all kinds of good stuff. Within a few minutes I found several references to Mr or Mrs H. H. Cole. Here’s the address:

      • Cole Family Tree

        You were right Brent — my eyes were about to pop out of my head trying to read the old news print. Thank you for your reply and assistance. Mardi

    • Scott Newton

      H.H. Cole was a Commissioner on the Almonte Public Utilities Commission for two terms. His first term was 1910-1911. The Mayor sat on the Commission, so I assume (but not sure) he was Mayor at the time. His second term was several years later, 1927-1928. During this term he served as Chairman of the Commission, but was not Mayor. Mayors of Almonte 1927- G.L. Comba and 1928- Dr. A.A. Metcalfe.

      • Cole Family Tree

        Thanks Scott. I am going to share this info with my Uncle, Berkley Bennett Cole, who is Holly Cole’s grandson. Appreciate your providing same. Mardi

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  • Cathy

    We are moving into a new house on Stanley Brothers Street in Almonte next month. Does anyone know of the history of the “Stanley Brothers”? I would be fascinated to know the history. Thank-you kindly. We are so looking forward to moving to this beautiful town.

    • Brent Eades

      Hi Cathy,

      Well, the Stanley Brothers ran the local ‘sanitation company’ — they picked up the garbage, basically :) But this wasn’t trivial, back in the day when garbage could be pretty nasty. They kept the town tidy and nice for decades, and I remember their trucks on my street until quite recently. There operation was down the end of your new street.

      Anyway, welcome to Almonte. You’ll love it here!

      • Cathy

        Hi Brent: That’s good to know :) . I would never have guessed that… but an admirable occupation none the less. I’m sure we will love Almonte.

        • Brent Eades

          Yes you will Cathy! Twenty-seven years for me here now, and I’m looking forward to the next 27 :)

  • Julie Klien

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  • matt

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  • Robert McGregor

    Hello Almonte, I’m Robert McGregor looking for the family bible and any old records from the MCGREGORS that lived in Almonte early 1800s to present day, there has to be distant relatives that still live in the area..I’m looking for Peter, Alexander, Robert, Charles (Vernon), Stanley, Gordon, all 1800s some early 1900s, Cheers Rob.

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