Where to eat and stay

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Menzies House B&B


Almonte offers several lovely B&Bs in historic homes and mansions around town, and in the surrounding area.


We have several excellent restaurants in town. Here are my favourites:

Café Postino

Fine southern Italian cuisine in the beautifully renovated Old Post Office building. From the menu:

Piccante, Pietro's homemade Italian sausage sautéed with peppers and onion, served with giardino salad. $13.95

Heirloom Café and Bistro

Seasonal cuisine in a casual fine-dining setting; overlooking the falls in the Victoria Woollen Mill. From the menu:

Hunter's tortière with house chutney. Bison/elk/duck confit, molasses catsup. $15

Mill Street Crepe Company

Extraordinarly good crepes, made largely with local ingredients. From the menu:

Smoked wild sockeye salmon. Sweet garden peas, caramelized onion, pickled shallots, crème fraiche. $15

A complete listing of all restaurants in the Almonte area is at the Explore Mississippi Mills site.

  • JoJo

    I love JR’s. The food is great ever since the change in ownership.

  • Ian McMaster

    I’m looking for a place to have a beer after practice tonight in Almonte, after 10pm (Monday). There is no easy way to find this, and I’ve already found one incorrect phone number for the Postmaster’s Pub. This is not encouraging for a visitor to Almonte. Naismith’s Bar is no longer reliably open on Monday nights; the Barley Mow closed at 10pm last Monday; various Web pages list virtually no pubs or other places to have a beer. I followed the link for a bar downstairs at JR’s and the link was broken. What’s wrong with Almonte?

    • Brent Eades

      Not sure where you’re finding your information, but it’s not from this site. The Postmaster’s Pub closed years ago, and there are no links to the Naismith Pub or JR’s bar here.