Kaija Savinainen Mountain

Born in Ikaalinen, Finland. Kaija is a professional working artist, tutor and teacher.

She paints from Willow Creek Studio in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, near the picturesque and artistic community of Clayton, west of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

“When people look at my work, they may just see horses…it’s about so much more. One needs to look beyond the surface and understand that horses or other animals in nature, can be symbolic parallels to human lives. I often use the imagery of horses – imagery that I believe is accessible to most people – to illuminate and enrich our existence, to help viewers to focus on the underlying potential and dignity of our lives. The works are suggestive – they speak to viewers, who can then fill in the blanks’ with there own echoes.

“Why horses? Their contrasts can say so much. Despite their strength and vitality, they have a vulnerable, graceful quality. They are wild and chaotic, yet can exude peace, calm and gentleness. Plain and heavy or exotic and delicate – they are as varied as humans. And through the subtlety of the gentleness, they give grace to life.”