Almonte Alameda: Guide to Furniture

About the Alamemda


B1. The birds they sang at the break of day. “Start again” I heard them say.  Leonard Cohen
– Timmons Family

B2.  The storytellers, here’s to them.  Val Sears: the last line of his book “Hello sweetheart, get me  rewrite”
– Edith Cody Rice for Val Sears ABOUT

B3.  I say Dank voor de liefde. Thank you for the love.  Buster Van de Geest, Dutch poet
– Branje family

B4.  So come and sit with me awhile.  Elliot Matsu
– Pat Vetter for Frank

B5.  This place is the poem I wanted to write.  from Mary Oliver
– Jane McLeod for Margaret Duncan

B6.  I shall e’er be in sunshine with my love by my side.  Jane Coyle’s dad
– Jane Coyle

B7.  And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.  John Muir
– Tove for Ed Lawrence ABOUT

B8.  A paradise my garden is, and there my day is spent.  Robert Service, “My Garden”
– Ayling family for Ron

B9. One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.  William Shakespeare
– Geuer family for Juan and Els ABOUT

Picnic Tables

T1.  All our wisdom is stored in the trees.  Santosh Kalwar
            In memory of Bruce Duncan with love, the Clulee, Crampton and Duncan-Fraser families

T2.  With all things and in all things, we are relatives.  Sioux proverb
            Stephen Brathwaite

Bicycle racks

R1. Now that you’re here, come and visit the Hub.
            The Hub

R2.  Maybe now my daughter Rona will ride her bike.  Norman Fraser
            Rona Fraser

Community Engagement

The Alameda project seemed to strike a chord during the first season of Covid.  People were anxious to connect even if at a distance.  They yearned for something positive and a reminder that good things would follow.  The trees would thrive and be enjoyed by generations to come so they volunteered.  Many friendships were launched.  A group of women introduced to one another while planting became regular walking, hiking, biking, and kayaking companions.  The fellows that organized the project became frequent dinner guests of one another.  People who happened to see the watering crew in action asked if they could help.  Soon there were so many waterers that scheduling was required.  Thanks to Allan Goddard and Christine Moses for orechestrating that essential task.  Lots of folk gave their time, their talent and their resources to make something beautiful for all of us to enjoy.  Thanks especially to Al Potven, our local tree champiuon who put his walker to one side to fill wheel barrows with soil.  Thanks to John Muston who just jumped in when he saw the need while walking by.  Thanks to Tom Moses who with other young ones leant their enthusiasm and muscle.  Thanks to Sarah White who called from her balcony asking if it was a private party or could she join in.

Thanks to everyone who constantly make this town a more and more enriching place to be.