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Dee Heron

Almonte artist Dee Heron has been honing in on her passion for visual arts since her teenage years. She studied under Francis Tremblay, whose artwork has been in exhibitions, museums and in The Artist’s Magazine. Dee learned that a strong foundation was key to a successful painting. Dee also tutored under artist Sheri Alimonda with 40 years of experience as a master oil painter.

Dee’s main medium is acrylic. However, she also works with charcoal, watercolour and coloured pencils, exhibiting realism and most recently abstract pieces of work.

Dee’s inspiration comes with passion from her local surroundings and historical artists. Their stories have motivated and inspired her to learn from them using her imagination and her own intuition.

Her background in nursing and then as a yoga instructor gave the patience to focus on details, openness for new learning and being in the moment. This brings a feeling of tranquillity, beauty and joy in her art.