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Darrell Thomas Textiles

7 Mill Street, Almonte

Darrell Thomas Textiles originally opened its doors on September 18, 2000, and quickly became well known for providing the most beautiful and original dressmaking textiles in Ottawa, Canada. Darrell and Thomas opened this store with the purpose of providing the sewing community a boutique with well-represented textiles and interior accessories.

Now, the textiles industry will be returning to Almonte, Ontario. Darrell Thomas Textiles has chosen 7 Mill Street Unit #101 as their new home. The grand opening of our new store was November 17, 2020. Darrell has established this business in Ottawa for 20 years (Anniversary Sept 18, 2020) but now feels that Almonte would be the best place to showcase their beautiful designer textiles & Buttons.

Contact Darrell Thomas Textiles

7 Mill Street, Almonte

613-256-SILK (7455)